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Food forests

Food forests…

Over the past few years, we have been slowly planting areas of "food forests". This concept uses per…

Research centre for appropriate technology

Research centre for appropriate technology…

As the transition to a resource-based economy requires a high level of integrated technology, our lo…

Top priorities for 2019

Top priorities for 2019…

We finished 2018 on a positive note, feeling that good progress was made. After around two years and…

Vortex hydroelectric plant

Vortex hydroelectric plant…

The vortex hydroelectric project was started in 2015 and construction of the tank and channels was c…

We finished 2018 on a positive note, feeling that good progress was made. After around two years and three designs of the magnetic gearbox for the hydroelectric system, initial testing of the large stage of the gearbox showed very promising results. In addition, we made good progress on the infrastructure (including roads, paths, electricity and water installations) and built a new water storage tank. We built a new chicken farm that is now home to over sixty happy chickens that are giving us a constant supply of eggs and meat while helping us weed, fertilize, and de-bug the food forests. 

A short video showing some of the highlights of 2018.

In 2019, we will be focusing on the following.

Hydroelectric plant

  • Finalising the last stage of the gearbox
  • Obtaining more data while running the system

Developing Kadagaya as a research centre for appropriate technology

  • Formalise research centre under Peruvian law
  • Increase scientific credibility by publishing more papers


  • Finish installing electricity, internet, water, and waste water infrastructure
  • Pump water from river for irrigation


  • Maintain and expand food forest
  • Moringa plantation for feeding chickens
  • Develop food drier and food storage systems
  • Start black soldier fly farm trials


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