Kadagaya resource-based economy community transition

The members of the Kadagaya project are aware of the negative consequences of the current monetary system and modern lifestyle and want to investigate alternative social systems. The system most closely aligned with our ideals is that of a resource-based economy (RBE). Therefore, we are implementing a pilot project to test and demonstrate the concepts and enabling technologies of an RBE community. We are not a company, a business, an NGO, an institution, a charity, or a religious group. The Kadagaya project is registered as a non-profit organisation under Peruvian law. We are currently self-funded and have no compromises with any companies or institutions.

Community members

Vladimir was one of the co-founders of Kadagaya. He has a background in engineering and materials science and has been responsible for the development of the vortex hydroelectric plant, as well as the design and construction of most infrastructure at Kadagaya. As he has had experience in composite materials, he will head future research into biopolymer–natural fibre composites for building materials. Vladimir passions include deep discussions, coding, artificial intelligence, psychology, dancing salsa, and passing on life skills to his son.        

Julie has a background in physics and materials science and was one of the co-founders of Kadagaya. She is responsible for the agriculture workgroup and undertakes most of the administration, financial management, and communication within the project. Her passions include cooking, health and nutrition, reading, technical writing, gardening, sewing, and repairing things that are uneconomical to repair. Julie and Vladimir have a young son, the first child to grow up within the Kadagaya community, who they jointly home-school.     

Marcelo has been involved with the Kadagaya project since 2014 and joined the community in 2017. He has a background in farming, construction, and cooking and is responsible for the chicken farm and black soldier fly farm projects. Marcelo will act as a link between Kadagaya and the neighbouring village (where he currently lives with his young family).   

Becoming a member of Kadagaya


We are collaborating with a diverse range of people from all over the world who are helping us achieve the goals of the project by providing technical knowledge, research, and other support to supplement our knowledge base. We are also collaborating in a limited way with our neighbours and nearby communities. In the future, we plan to expand these interactions to offer courses, tools, technology, and education to improve quality of life for our neighbours. All knowledge and technology developed during the project will be open source and freely available to the wider community (anyone who has the desire to use it).


We have a constant flow of volunteers, usually long-term travellers and people visiting to evaluate the community as a potential member. We invite volunteers to work with us, experience life here, and contribute their skills and ideas.

If you would like to volunteer with us, please contact us through Workaway.


In 2018, we hope to launch our internship program. We will seek applications from the local community to allow passionate youths to spend six months living and working within Kadagaya on a specific project. We will provide technical training, English lessons, accommodation, board, and a stipend for the interns.