There are many ways that you can be involved and contribute to the Kadagaya project. It is important for us to keep building our network of like-minded people and we invite everyone supporting our goals to help us out in any small way they can. Please contact us with any questions, comments or ideas.

Scientific collaborations

We hope to collaborate with universities and research groups during the development of technology for the pilot project community. We want to contribute to the body of knowledge in the following fields by undertaking high-quality scientific research and publishing our results (both in the scientific and general literature).

·         Gravitational vortex hydroelectric power plant

o   Turbine design and construction.

o   Design of the generator and electrical control systems.

·         Aquaponics

o   Holistic, closed-cycle systems design including farming of earthworms and soldier flies for fish food.

o   The selection and use of freshwater fish native to the Peruvian jungle regions.

·         Nutrition

o   Modelling and optimisation of nutrition for the community and planning the corresponding crops.

·         Bio-composites

o   Natural fibre/biopolymer composites

o   Mycelium “foam” cores for sandwich-style construction panels

·         Biogas system for producing methane

·         Biodiversity

o   Cataloguing the biodiversity of our area and identifying species.

Networking and promotion

You can help us expand our network and promote Kadagaya and the concepts of a resource-based economy to the world.

·         Take a look at our website and social media (Facebook and Tsu) and share with your friends.

·         Get involved with the discussion of resource-based economy community on Reddit.

·         Let us know if there are people or groups we should get in touch with for support.

·         If you are a writer, filmmaker, blogger or other creative-type person and happy to help us preparing articles, documents, videos etc., please let us know.

Research and Planning

There are many topics and technologies that we are planning to integrate into the project over time (see Technology pages). Along with collaborating with experts in the field we also do extensive research on own. As we don´t have time to read and research all the topics, some assistance in collecting information and data and critically analysing the options would be a great help. If you already have knowledge about where to find relevant information on any of these topics we would be happy to hear from you.



If you would like to visit us, see what we are doing and get your hands dirty working on building the community, then consider volunteering with us.