transition phase Kadagaya image resource-based economy community

The global community supporting and advocating a resource-based economy (RBE) is rapidly increasing and several projects (like Kadagaya) have recently been initiated to build and evaluate actual communities. This is a vital step in accumulating knowledge about how to implement such societies and developing the consciousness of the participants. However, it is important to realise that these initial communities are in a transition phase and cannot be RBE in its purest form. There is still the need to operate within the current monetary system (with respect to financial, legal and bureaucratic aspects), although these interactions will decrease over time. In addition, all the people involved in creating these communities are products of the current system and have grown up with the norms and prejudices of the monetary system. It takes time for people to educate themselves, develop a high level of consciousness and truly adopt a different way of thinking and living.       

It is extremely difficult (and expensive) to achieve full self-sustainability in a small community. It is unlikely any test RBE community (even a small city) could provide itself with all the necessary resources and raw materials and hence will remain dependent on the monetary system in some way during the transition phase. When evaluating the success of the first RBE communities this concept of transition must be considered. For example, the initial technologies purchased by the test RBE communities will be constrained by the budget of the project and what is available commercially or open-source. In a true RBE the most suitable technology would be used as cost would not be a factor.