Kadagaya resource-based economy community transition

The contributors to the Kadagaya project are aware of the negative consequences of the current monetary system and modern lifestyle and want to investigate alternative social systems. There are many proposed solutions for the current problems in the world and we have invested much effort in researching these. We have found that the system most closely aligned with our ideals is that of a resource-based economy (RBE). Therefore, we are implementing a pilot project to test and demonstrate the concepts and enabling technologies of an RBE community.

We are a group of mainly scientists and engineers from all over the world with a diverse range of education, backgrounds and cultures. Within the community and our network we have many of the necessary technical skills for achieving the goals of the project and are passionately focussed on continuous learning to supplement our knowledge base. We are not a company, a business, an NGO, an institution, a charity, or a religious group. We have no interest in making money or profiting from the project. Initially we will be self-funded and have no compromises with any companies or institutions. A fundamental ideal of Kadagaya is the constant upgrade of the human mind through increased consciousness, and we are committed to improving ourselves and the community for the good of all.  

The pilot project is aiming to construct a self-sufficient community of approximately 40 people, where all of the basic needs will be provided (and interaction with the monetary system will be limited as much as possible). The supporting systems (e.g. energy, water, agriculture, health, and education) are being holistically designed using appropriate technologies to increase efficiency and reliability while promoting the consciousness of the interdependency of all systems. We invite volunteers to work with us, experience life here and contribute their skills and ideas. After the initial set-up phase we hope to start working with the neighbouring communities to offer tools, technology, and education to improve quality of life. All knowledge and technology developed during the project will be open source and freely available to the wider community (anyone who has the desire to use it).