The Kadagaya campus is located in Chanchamayo, Junin, Peru. The closest large town is Bajo Pichanaki. We are located between the villages of Alto Pichanaki and Miricharo. It is a tropical region of Peru where the average temperature is around 25°C all year round. The rainy season is usually December to March is the rainy season, with heavy rain several times a week. When it is not raining, the weather is always warm. The area is mainly agricultural and we are surrounded by farmland (mainly pineapples). Chanchamayo is the primary coffee-growing area in Peru, but also grows lots of tropical fruit, corn, yucca, achiote, and cacao. There is a slowly growing tourist industry around waterfalls, kayaking and rafting on the rivers, butterfly parks, and visits to native communities. Our land is mainly old agricultural land (coffee, banana, and avocado plantations), and we have some regrowth forest and small parts of established jungle. We also have a beautiful river where we can swim most of the year and provides most of our power via our hydroelectric plant. There is a large biodiversity of plants, insects/butterflies, birds and animals. We have seen monkeys, squirrels, snakes, toucans, parrots, armadillos, coatis, glowing worms and many different weird and wonderful insects!

View River Sunset over pineapples


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