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An important part of our work here at Kadagaya work is the sharing of our experiences and the data and results generated during the project. We are motivated to contribute to the global RBE community and allow independent evaluation of the project. Through our website, Facebook page and interaction with volunteers and the wider community we hope to share our experience (with the aim of improving the efficiency of developing an RBE) and inspire others. We plan to publish selected results in scientific journals (open access) to more widely distribute technological advancements and gain credibility for our development work. Only complete results that we feel are widely relevant will be published here on the website, but you are welcome to contact us for more details regarding the following topics.

· Financial Statement 2014

· Financial Statement 2015

·   Vortex hydroelectric plant

o   CAD designs

o   Detailed budget

·         Planning of crops for aquaponics based on optimising nutrition

·         Design of prototype aquaponics system

·         Design of tropical permaculture food forest

·         Criteria and experience of finding suitable land for the pilot project

·         General experiences setting up a community