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A holistic view of health is considered with respect to education, sanitation, agriculture, nutrition, medicine and social interactions (mental health). Increasing the consciousness of the community about these issues is of high importance, firstly to achieve a good standard of health (e.g. avoiding preventable diseases) as well as optimising physical, emotional and mental health. Holistic medicine will be used in preference to western medicine as it focuses on prevention of disease and a more broad understanding of the effects of the environment in which the person lives and interacts (rather than treating symptoms for profit). Optimisation of health and nutrition is a focus of daily life in order to prevent imbalance and the development of disease. We recognise the strong link between stress and poor health and try to create a supportive, low-stress environment. Here in Peru the traditional knowledge of natural medicines and wild foods has been maintained and we are very interested in learning and evaluating these plants. A part of our agriculture will be focused on growing medicinal herbs.  

In time we plan to have our own clinic/health service on site for the community and our neighbours. In the meantime we are educating ourselves on first-aid, nutrition, natural medicines and techniques for encouraging good emotional and mental wellbeing.

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o   Weston A. Price “Nutrition and Physical Degradation”

o  Isabelle A. Moser “How and when to be your own doctor”