Who we are


The Kadagaya team formed to develop appropriate technologies for enabling alternative social systems. The concept most closely aligned with our ideals is that of a resource-based economy, and we use these general ideals to direct our research.​

At Kadagaya, we are aware of the negative consequences of the current monetary system and modern lifestyle and want to investigate healthier ways of living. We define ”technology” in the broadest sense, not just machines and software, but all tools and systems that provide efficient ways to improve life. We are not a company, NGO, charity, or religious group. The Kadagaya project is registered as a non-profit association under Peruvian law and are in the process of formalizing our status as a research centre. We are currently self-funded and have no compromises with any companies or institutions.

Kadagaya was founded in 2013 by two scientists, Vladimir Alzamora Guzman and Julie Glasscock. Vladimir has a background in engineering and materials science and has been responsible for the development of the vortex hydroelectric plant, as well as the design and construction of most infrastructure at Kadagaya. As he has had experience in composite materials, he will head future research into biopolymer–natural fibre composites for building materials. Julie has a research background in physics and materials science, and experience in scientific editing. She is responsible for the agriculture workgroup and undertakes most of the administration, financial management, and communication within the project.  

We are collaborating with a diverse range of people from all over the world who are helping us achieve the goals of the project by providing technical knowledge, research, and other support to supplement our knowledge base. We are also collaborating with locals from nearby communities who have provided much of the labour for the intial stages of the project. In addition, we have a constant flow of volunteers that have helped develop all aspects of the project thus far. If you would like to volunteer with us, please contact us through Workaway. If you interested in collaborating with us, you can find details of the scientific projects for which we are seeking collaboration.

Our values

  • Consistent use of the scientific method where possible to evaluate all concepts, ideas, technologies, and systems, in order to achieve constant upgrade and development.
  • Recognition of the negative effects of many aspects of the current society (e.g., monetary system, high-stress lifestyles, repetitive manual work, and exploitation of the environment) and commitment to eliminating these aspects from our developing society.
  • Respect for community growth and prioritisation of the common good over individual growth (while recognising the importance of self-development of individuals).
  • Encourage individuals to work in their area of passion.
  • Prioritisation of automated systems to help reduce human labour and the need to make decisions.
  • Promote open and non-violent communication, and the development of the emotional intelligence of our members.
  • Recognition that all people are products of their experiences and interactions, resulting in the promotion of empathy and understanding instead of judgement and blame. There is no system of justice or punishment in the community.
  • Prioritisation of the health and wellbeing of our members by designing a suitable environment.
  • Respect and consideration for the natural environment in all projects and lifestyle choices to minimize our impact as much as possible.
  • Promotion of open-source technology and free distribution and sharing of all knowledge and technology developed within the project.
  • Use of expertise-based decision making rather than democratic systems where everyone has a voice and a right to an opinion, but decisions are made by recognised experts in the specific field.