The Kadagaya campus is being developed as a non-traditional educational centre, where hands-on learning occurs within the research projects.  We consider education a lifelong process for both adults and children.

A widespread, diverse program of education is vital for personal development and growing together as a community and society. The Kadagaya campus acts as an education center for visiting researchers, volunteers, and locals. We currently have no formal education program and do not follow traditional schooling techniques. Rather, we focus on hands-on learning within the research projects. We consider education as a lifelong process and hence is not limited only to children. Both adults and children are encouraged to undertake self-learning processes and follow their interests and passions. In all educational processes, we consider a holistic view incorporating knowledge, emotions, psychology, morals and values, collaboration, respect of the environment, and health. 

In the future, would hope to host a small school for local children, based on many of the valuable holistic education resources now available. Peer-learning techniques will be used, where all of the students help with the education of others, depending on their own level in a topic, rather than age. It is desired that education will always be fun and a process of passion, hence games and entertainment will be heavily integrated into the system. 

Good access to the internet and free online resources is rapidly changing the way we get an education. Many top-rated universities are offering their courses online for free (through platforms such as Coursera), and groups such as the Khan Academy are providing educational resources for school and university levels. It is easier than ever to educate ourselves in our field of passion, with the motivation of learning and improving ourselves instead of passing exams or getting a promotion.

Further information

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